Composite Deck Cleaner Reviews

Just finished cleaning my Trex composite floor decking. I only have one word to say, WOW!!!!!

Your product is easy to use and effective. I have used several other composite cleaners in the past and none of them comes close to producing the results from your cleaner. The best part of the whole process is how little effort is required when compared to the other products I have tried. All of the black mold and mildew spots are gone and the decking looks brand new!

Thank you for producing a quality product that delivers what it promises.

--Leonard Tempalski, Oakland Twp., Michigan

Love your product. As a custom home builder who builds decks with his homes using Trex, your product works great to bring the decks back to life. Thanks again.

-- Todd Frederick, Mandalay Custom Homes

Thank you so much for shipping the order so quickly. We had the opportunity to clean the deck today (Saturday). It looks amazing. Your product was the only one we found so far that worked. We tried 3 others previously. We will definitely keep your information for next year’s cleaning as well. But, please note that your product performed better than I imagined.

-- Richard Miller

We have had several days of rain and cold weather, so today is the first opportunity to open the box and try out the product. The product works great. Am waiting for the deck to dry to apply final coat. Thanks for a product that works!

-- Dick Ferrell

All I can say is WOW! It’s like a brand new deck. Thanks for a great product.

-- Rick Amsbaugh

Our deck material is Trex Brasilia. Your product was exactly as advertised and exceeded our expectations. We followed the instructions, except that we didn’t have a pressure washer available to wash the deck after scrubbing with the brush. I don’t think it made a difference.

-- Jeanne Coulson

I recently purchased the cleaner and have used it to remove the mold/mildew in my Trex deck … it was AWESOME!!!! We were very impressed with the results!!! Many thanks.

-- Ken

We give you a 10 – we’ve tried many deck cleaners and yours is the first one that removed all the mildew and also kept it off for months. I will definitely be buying more!

-- Tom and Peg

Just a short opinion regarding the use of your Deck Cleaner & Enhancer.

I have a Trex deck, approximately 750 square feet, on two levels. I had it built in June of 2006 and since that time I have been struggling to find a product that would satisfactorily clean the deck of severe and ongoing mold and mildew. I have discussed this problem with Trex numerous times but have never received satisfaction from them as I was cleaning the deck with their recommended product about once a month during the Spring/Summer months with only marginal success. After each cleaning, the mold and mildew would reappear within a couple weeks which leads me to believe the Trex product I purchased was either defective or the product is not designed to be “maintenance free’ as advertised.

Trex finally did suggest your product as a possible remedy I don’t often express an opinion about the use of a product, but in this case I feel I must as perhaps others can be direct in the same way.

Your Deck Cleaner & Enhancer was much easier to apply than other product used previously and more importantly, this is the only product that actually does what is claimed. The instructions were very clear and simple to follow. This is a great product and I will certainly recommend it to others and order it again the next time I need to clean our deck.

Thank you for producing a product that actually does what is claimed.

-- Gary Hague


I had a Trex deck installed and had a huge problem with black mold spots that covered the entire deck. Trex did not stand by their product and tried to ignore me, so I took them to small claims court...and won! But the amount was not enough to put on a new deck so I searched for products to clean it. This wash is unbelievable! With very little effort I can wash away the spots. It does have to be a fresh batch, so be sure to use it right away. Many thanks for a great product.

-- Anonymous

As a chemist and Penn State Master Gardener, a topic that I present to garden clubs is a “show-n-tell” on unique garden tools, gardening accessories, environmentally friendly pesticides and fertilizers, and maintenance products for exterior hardscape (decks, patios, etc.)

I have experimented with various deck cleaners in the past, but the results were always the same mold and discoloration was still evident on much of the decking.

This weekend, I decided to experiment with your Deck Cleaner and Enhancer on my "badly mildewed and discolored" gray Trex decking – I WAS ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDED WITH THE RESULTS! After the initial spray treatment, scrubbing, rinsing and drying, the deck looked better than it did when it was first installed! The entire deck is now a beautiful, weathered-gray, with no signs of mildew, mold or other discolorations. Today , I finished the final step of spraying and drying.

Because of the success I had with the Deck Cleaner, it will become one of the “show-n-tell” items that I present to garden club members, since keeping composite decking clean is a major issue with many of them.

-- Steve Piskor
Pittsburgh, PA




PLEASE NOTE: Due to environmental factors, results are NOT guaranteed for up to a year.